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The do's and don'ts of university exams

By shodgson 25 Mar 2024

The exam season is fast approaching and we want to make sure you absolutely smash them!

Here is a handy list of things that we advise you should and shouldn't do before sitting your exams to make sure you go into there confident and ready to tackle whatever gets thrown at you.

We all have our own way of preparing for exams but there might be a few things that you may have not considered before, including:

DO have a healthy and hearty breakfast
There's nothing worse than going into a silent exam room with a rumbling tummy. Maybe avoid a full English, but have something that will fill you, cereal with a piece of fruit or porridge will give you enough energy without making you feel lethargic.

DO wear something comfortable
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In an exam, all you want to be thinking about is answers, not about your new jumper itching you all over. Stick on a hoodie with your comfiest jeans and you'll feel 100 times better. You want to feel relaxed meaning that comfort is key.

DO bring a water bottle into the exam
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Keeping hydrated is so important. It will boost your concentration, and keep your energy up - we don't want you drifting off mid-exam! Plus, your brain tends to perform better when it is hydrated and this is exactly why you should keep a water bottle handy. 

DO go to the loo just before
Sorry to sound like we're nagging you BUT do you really want to be busting for the loo and in the middle of answering a 25-mark question? Go just as you get to the exam room, this way you don't have to break off and ask the invigilator to accompany you halfway through - awks!

DON'T order a curry the night before
Actually, just avoid takeaways or eating out altogether so that you don't end up with a dodgy tummy. Make sure you don't re-enact that Will from Inbetweeners moment and be wary about what you eat!

DON'T pull an all-nighter
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You might think you're better off cramming in 8 hours of revision the night before BUT that's not effective. Have a chilled evening the night before and aim for about 7/8 hours of sleep and you'll wake up refreshed. Let your flatmates know you've got an exam too and (hopefully) you won't have any 3AM wakeup calls.

DON'T rush around last minute
Wake up in good time and then you can eat a nice breakfast, fit in a workout and make your way to the exam room. There's nothing worse than rushing around and getting yourself in a flap.

Good luck, and remember that summer is only around the corner now!