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Overnight Visitor Policy

By UWEaccomm 10 Oct 2023

Visitors are welcome, and the basic guidelines are as follows:

  • All visitors must be ‘signed in’ by Completing the Visitors Form and then collect their visitor pass by Accommodation Services.
  • Once requested, you can collect your printed visitors pass from the N Block Customer Service Desk (2N002) or in the Cotswold Pavilion for Purdown View, the Student Village and Wallscourt Park. Glenside and The Hollies residents can collect theirs from Glenside Customer Services. Don't forget to bring photo ID for your visitor, as well!
  • N Block is open between 08:00-18:45 every day of the week, Cotswold Pavilion between 13:00-18:45 and Glenside between 13:00 -18:45 Monday to Friday.
  • Only one visitor per resident allowed at any one time.
  • Overnight visitors must be over 18 and may only stay two nights in any consecutive seven.
  • You are responsible for your visitors’ behaviour and should never leave them unaccompanied within the accommodation.
  • Visitors are expected to behave in a responsible and considerate manner and may be asked to leave if they are causing a nuisance.

If your visitor wishes to bring a car onto campus you will need to email - your visitor cannot request a parking permit. Please apply at least 2 working days prior to the visit.

Parking is only available for visitors outside the core campus parking hours, which are Monday-Friday from 08:30-17:00.


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