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Study spaces around Frenchay Campus

By StudentLife 28 Mar 2024

You're spoilt for choices when it comes to great study spots.

Need somewhere quiet to study when the Library is full? Need to borrow a laptop? We have plenty of spaces and facilities on the Frenchay Campus (and beyond) , including computer labs and learning zones. You can either book or just turn up and use them. Check out Tom and Liv's guide on the best spots around Frenchay Campus below, plus some useful tips on how to become a study pro:

Where to study

Feel free to bring your own materials and find a free table or a lot of these spots also supply equipment/hardware for you to work on for free Check out all the study spaces below (and here's the Map if you need help finding where they are):

  • Frenchay Library - Open 24/7 with floors dedicated to quiet work (3rd floor), group work (4th floor) and you can also book out rooms for privacy/meetings. Just make sure to bring your student ID so you can gain access to everything the library has to offer. 
  • The Forum (B block) - Open to all students, the Forum is a great space for casual group work, with a flexible environment that could be used for presentations (plus plenty of power outlets and wifi of course).  
  • The Hive and Project Room (Q block) - A mix of social learning spaces with bookable PCs and specialist Macs. There is also the print hub which contains both printers and scanners. Not the biggest space on the list but a great space for group projects.
  • Synapse (H block) - Mainly just for general PC work, open Monday to Friday: 07:00-21:15. Make sure to bring your student ID card to be able to access the space.
  • The Works (F block) - This space is kitted out with high-end PCs (which you can book) with a selection of engineering and software development applications installed. There are also group study areas that are flexible enough for presentations. Open Monday to Friday: 08:30-21:00, and weekends: 10:00-21:00. 
  • The Base (Q block) - A social learning area, with 15 bookable PCs with Design and Software Development builds, and two bookable group work booths. There are also two bookable glass meeting rooms for students. 
  • Green space (outside the Farmhouse and Wallscourt Park accommodation) - If the weather is nice then there is a perfect outside spot for studying and reading. It can be really beneficial to get some fresh air for a change so why not give it a try?

So now you know all about the spaces you can either book a study space or book a student PC.

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