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Purdown View | Key Cards

By AccommodationHannah 28 Jan 2024

When you move in, you will be issued with a key card. You need to keep this safe and do not let anyone else have it.

Your key card gives you access to your block, your flat and your bedroom (don't forget to lock this when you go out as it won't automatically lock behind you - do to this by pressing the key card to the black box). It will also get you into all the communal areas in Purdown View.

Tips for keeping your key card safe:

  • Keep it on you at all times. Put it in your purse/wallet but do not store it with your mobile phone as it can interfere with the signal.
  • Don't write your address on it or keep it near anything with your address. This is in case you lose it and someone else finds it. If that happens, they will know where you live and have access to it. Similarly, don't dox yourself on the internet by commenting your address on social media.
  • Make sure you keep your key card activated. Pressing it against the read at the block entrance will reactivate it after you've been away for a week or so. You should then be able to access every where as normal.

If you have any problems with your key card, go to an Accommodation Services Customer Services desk (Cotswold is the nearest one but 2N02 has longer opening hours) and they'll fix it for you.

An Intercom phone system

Intercom systems:

In every kitchen, there is a phone that will ring when someone requests access to your flat.

You can answer the receiver like you're taking a telephone call. Check who is down there and then go down to the main block door to let them in. Remember only let people into your flat that you know and trust.