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Purdown View Standard Living Area


Living in Purdown View

By AccommodationHannah 31 Jan 2024

Purdown View is designed to be as sustainable as possible. The Passivhaus technology cuts the building's carbon emissions in half while creating a comfortable living environment for yourself. And the best thing is you don't even need to do anything to help it.


Heating is provided by Prefect and is a smart heater. It monitors the room's temperature and regulates to keep it at a constant temperature. Rooms are set to our standard option of 18°C. The 'max' setting works a bit like a boost, and will stay on for up to one hour or until the temperature of the room reaches 23°C.

Purdown View is insulated with triple-glazed windows and designed to keep heat in when it's cold outside so you should be nice and warm when you're home.

If you have any problems with the heating in your accommodation, email Accommodation Services who will investigate.

an induction stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

Induction hobs

This type of hob works a little differently to traditional gas, solid-plate or ceramic hobs. They heat up very quickly but only when they are covered with an induction-compliant pot or pan. This way the energy is focussed on one spot and only when necessary.

Most saucepans and cooking pots are induction-compliant. If yours are they will have a zig-zag or coil symbol on the underneath. You can also check by seeing if it's magnetic - if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot/pan then it's ready to use.

You can read how to operate your induction hob in the Info and Tips booklet in your flat.

Kitchens are also fitted with hob sensors that will sense if a stovetop or oven is on for too long. This is to prevent the risk of fire as well as use less energy.


Purdown View is built so each living space gets optimum levels of light. However, this is Britain and we all know that winters can be dark. The lighting in each room operates just like it does in a regular building: press the switch up for on and down for off. However, they are also like dimmers. Keep the up button held to increase the light levels and down to make the room darker.

Windows and air circulation

You'll notice how big and wonderful the windows are in Purdown View. This is partially to do with the light these will let in and also to connect you to the outside world. You can open the windows to let the fresh air in but please do not remove any safety devices as this can create a dangerous environment.

Air is circulated throughout the buildings without windows being open. This filtration keeps oxygen levels up and carbon dioxide levels down.

Fresh air = fresh minds.