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an induction stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen


How to use your induction hob

By AccommodationHannah 29 Jan 2024

Induction hobs are a super sustainable way of cooking your food. More and more kitchens are being fitted with them, including in our Purdown View accommodation.

The hobs themselves work a little differently to regular gas or ceramic ones, and induction hobs might take a bit of getting used to if you don't usually cook on them.

Induction ready cookware:

Because of the magnetic technology in induction hobs, they will only work with pots and pans that are induction ready. Don't worry - most pots and pans are these days, with a few exceptions.

What will work:

  • Regular and cast iron pans are the best
  • Some types of stainless-steel pans (they need to have a low-level of nickel in them to keep the electromagnetic signals working)

What won't work:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminium
  • Copper

How to check:

  • If you hold a magnet (one off the fridge will do) to the bottom of the pan, it will stick if it is compatible.
  • Induction ready pans usually also have an 'induction compatible' symbol on their base. This looks like a zig-zag or a coil.

How to operate an induction hob:

What makes induction hobs super sustainable is they don't waste energy when not actively heating something. That means they never get warm if a pan isn't on them.

  1. Place an induction compatible pot/pan on the burner ring. For maximum efficiency, place it on the ring that's closest in size (for instance, small pans on small rings).
  2. Press and hold the power switch on the hob. This will turn on the entire hob, not just the ring you need.
  3. Make sure your pan has liquid or contents in it. You should never heat a dry pan.
  4. You can then turn on the ring you need as directed on the control map on the hob top.
  5. Adjust the heat as you need. It's important to remember that induction hobs can heat pans to a much higher temperature than other hobs.
  6. Do not leave your pans unattended at any time and do not overfill them.
  7. When you have finished, turn off the ring and then the hob entirely.
  8. Once cooled, clean down any surfaces for the next person to use.