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a man stood in front of a fruit and veg stall


Fresh Fruit and Veg on your doorstep

By shodgson 25 Mar 2024

Did you know that fresh fruit and veg can be purchased on campus?

Steve Carter and his wife Dawn have been running their fresh fruit and veg stall in the undercroft on Frenchay campus for the last 14 years!  So they are well known to staff and have seen many students come and go over the years.

You can be sure to grab a bargain with Fruit and Veg priced very reasonably, their trademark bowls of Fruit or Veg are only £1!!  and have been at that price from day 1.  With the cost of living as it stands at the moment and everyone watching their pennies be sure to pay them a visit for savings on all your fresh fruit and veg!

Steve's fruit and veg stall is open

  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday's from 8am - 3pm
  • Thursday's from 8am - 1pm
a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables on display