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UWE Community Gardens

By StudentLifeHelen 08 Apr 2024

Discover Frenchay's natural haven: a place to escape and connect with nature.

Greetings urbanites and diligent scholars! If you’re looking for peaceful respite amidst the weight of studies and city life, look no further. Let me introduce you to the UWE community garden – a sweet refuge in sight and smell, right here on Frenchay campus!

Cultivating novice growers into garden virtuosos

The community garden is a space devoted to helping first time growers bloom into fully fledged gardeners. Their mission is simple – to grant students the ability to savour delectable produce, positively flavoured in responsible cultivation.

An Inclusive green space

Embracing students of all proficiency levels and importantly; wheelchair accessible, we beckon you to shed your cocoon and emerge from hibernation season. As spring and summer approach, we hope that not only do plants flourish but friendships bud through the experience of growing, figuratively and literally.

So, to all you scholars, momentarily set aside your academic tomes and fashion your gardening gloves as you enjoy the allure of eco-conscious indulgence.

The UWE Community Garden extends its invitation to partake in the joy of cultivating your own harvest.

For those curios minds seeking more information about this sanctuary, click your way to enlightenment through this link: UWE Community Gardens

By Anouk Mares Coulston (Student Life Assistant)

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May Dates

  • Wednesday 1st May 12.00 - 15.00
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